Right Orbital Shattered and Macula Scared and Lateral Rectus Damage in Work Related Accident Nov. 2008?

last surgery at Uom. He took a bone graph from the top right layer of my skull to use in place of the plates and screws. My eye is still sunken in a little bit. I also have double vision at about 20 degrees looking in all directions. and a slight amount of diplopia in primary gaze. I'm wondering if there is anything more i can have done that can possibly improve my double vision? Since i have it in all directions the doctors are not sure if any strabismus surgery will be able to improve it.

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Orbital fracture repair

Orbital fracture repair can be quite challenging and especially if there have been multiple procedures performed in the past.  There is almost certainly more that can be done to improve the eye position and make it stick out more.  I'm not sure who you saw at U of M, but I know that Dr. Lawrence Marentette is probably the most experienced facial trauma surgeon there. He frequently works with the oculoplastic surgeons at Kellogg as well.  I would try to see him for further advice.  I would be happy to answer any other questions you have through email, if you would like.  Good luck!

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