Is it safe to have lipo on my abdomen & a breast reduction at the same time?

Would my insurance help pay for procedure? How expensive could this be? I'm ready to be healthy again.

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Breast reduction and liposuction

The first part of your question is easy: combining a breast reduction with abdominal liposuction is not a problem. The second part of the question is more complicated: the answer is... it depends. You should first contact your insurer, or check the website, to verify that they cover breast reduction. You should also determine any criteria or exclusions they use. Your plastic surgeon can then send in your examination notes and a letter requesting preauthorization for insurance payment. Many insurers use calculations based on the weight of breast tissue to be removed compared to your body weight. If enough weight will be removed to result in improvement of your symptoms, and not just a cosmetic improvement, then it might be covered. If you've tried nonsurgical methods to alleviate pain in your shoulders or neck, such as physical therapy, weight loss or chiropractic care, those facts should be conveyed to the insurer by your surgeon as well.

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Yes if you meet medical criteria for both surgeries, there should be no problem doing both a breast reduction and liposuction of the abdomen at the same time.

The issue would be:

Combining a potential insurance procedure with a pay-out-of pocket cosmetic procedure and how your PS handles that situation.  

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Combination of breast reduction and liposuction

Breast reduction and liposuction are procedures that are commonly performed together. Insurance will sometimes cover breast reduction. Most want documentation that you have had treatment for neck and back pain for 3-6 months before they will give approval. Insurance will not pay for liposuction and even with insurance paying for the breast reduction, they will not pay for the operative time during the liposuction portion of the procedure. 

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Breast Reduction and Liposuction of Abdomen at the Same Time #breastreductionseattle #liposuctionseattle

  • Sometimes insurance will pay for breast reductions.  If a woman's breasts are sufficiently large compared to her weight, she has symptoms from her large breasts, and she has tried therapies to help with back, neck, and shoulder pain that have failed, her insurance company may cover the procedure.
  • Not all insurance companies and policies are the same, so it is best to check with your insurance company.
  • Having liposuction of the abdomen performed at the same time as your breast reduction may be very safely accomplished.
  • Insurance will not, however, cover the liposuction procedure. 
  • Definitely meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out more!

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