What can I do with a ruptured saline implant with no money?

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Deflated saline implants

usually have some warranty attached to them and if so, the warranty will help.  But if you truly have no funds to make up the difference in costs for the OR, anesthesia, and your surgeon fees, you can borrow an old gel implant or other 'filler' to provide symmetry while you wait this out or intentionally deflate your good side, voiding the warranty on that side.  You must document your deflation with your surgeon so you can still qualify for your warranty benefits down the road.

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What can I do about a ruptured saline implant?

I would recommend replacement. If your surgery was within about 10years, then the manufacturer will cover part of your surgery and even provide a new implant for free for you. I often do the replacement under a local anesthetic in our certified operating room which further decreases the price. Finally, we have several payment plans and even in house if the person doesn't qualify.

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Ruptured saline implant

Ruptured saline implant should be replaced as soon as possible; if you have no money, you should have both of them removed which can be done in the office. This is because one side will contract and the other will not; this way you can take your time to get them replaced without compromising your results.

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Ruptured Saline Implant


If your rupture occurred less than 10 years after they were placed, you are entitled to one or two free implants and up to $2400 by the implant manufacturer. Have this discussion with your surgeon. Best of luck!

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Sorry to hear of your problem.  That said see your surgeon as he may help you as you are a former patient.  If he is not available bring your records to another expert who can help you get some assistance from the manufacturer of your implants

Dr Corbin

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Rupture Saline Implant

Sorry to hear about your deflation.  You can indefinitely wait until you are ready financially to have the replacement surgery.  If you are within the 10 year mark the implant company will provide a free implant and partial payment of your replacement surgery.  Some insurance companies may cover the removal of the implants as well. 

There is no harm to having a deflated implant in your body.  In fact some patients choose to have the opposite side deflated so they are more even, and wait until they are ready to have the replacement surgery.  What does happen over time is that the deflated implant edges tend to cause some discomfort.

Hope that helps.

Good luck.

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Ruptured saline implant, no money

sorry to hear about your troubles. If you have health insurance, your plan may cover removing the breast implants only. if your implants were placed for cosmetic reasons, I do not know of any insurance plan that will cover replacement of implants. 

You can also look to university resident programs that will do surgeries for a reduced rate or investigate credit programs like Care Credit and Alpheon Credit which can help pay for cosmetic procedures. 

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