Will medicare pay for Botox for migraines treatents?

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Will Medicare pay for Botox treatments for migraines?

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  Surprisingly, I actually disagree with the other two doctors who replied.  It is possible to get Medicare to cover Botox treatment for migraines that are refractory to other treatment methods.  Thbis does NOT mean that Medicare or any insurance will cover Botox as a cosmetic treatment and the treatment sites and dosages are different when Botox is used for cosmetic applications.  In my hands, I have found that Botox is incredibly effective treatment for migraines in properly selected patients.

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Probably not

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Medicare and most other insurances view Botox as a cosmetic treatment.  Nonetheless, we have a some private insurance companies pay to have Botox used as a treatment for migraines.  You need to contact your insurance company and they will be able to explain your benefits to you.

Medicare doesn't pay for botox

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Unfortunately, medicare doesn't pay for botox for pretty much any reason. I don't think any insurance does at all.

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