Can I get help financially?

My name is Lindsey, I'm 28yrs old, and my dream is to have dental implants. I already have a top denture, and now my bottoms are in dyer need of help, so it would just be the biggest blessing in the world to finally solve all my teeth problems at one time. My question to you is there any help I can get from someone who helps people like me? My fiancé and I are ready to start our family but there is no way I could even begin to try with always having teeth problems. Thank u so much

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Alternative Funding for Dental Implants

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There are a couple of dentists out there that accept crowd funding. If you have friends or family that know your situation maybe they will give towards your implants. Also, speak with a specialist in your area and see what financing they offer. Care Credit is a very popular financing service. You can also check with a Dental school. Here in Dallas, there are a couple that offer their services at a discount. Good Luck to you!

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