Upper right canine (or cuspid?) tooth is sideways & orthodontist is thinking about removing it. (Photo)

So I just recently got my braces & they were only put on my top teeth."We're just going to put your braces on your top teeth and then we'll see how this one (sideways canine) binds.." -Words of my orthodontist. After getting the braces, my mom mentioned to me how they told her something about possibly having that tooth removed. Is there something else that can be done to move the tooth forward & help it align with the rest of my teeth instead of having it removed?

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Remove Canine Tooth To Align Teeth?

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Absolutely, positively do NOT allow that canine tooth to be removed. All you need is some simple arch expansion or interproximal reduction. Removing the canine tooth (arguably the most important tooth in the entire mouth) would have serious adverse consequences. DO NOT REMOVE THE CANINE.
Good luck!

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