No Belly Button, Can a Scar Like This Be Removed? (Photo)

I had surgery from gastroschisis when I was born. I am now 23 and it has always been something that I could never get over. Due to pregnancy it stretched out more and hasn't really bounced back. I have viewed other scars from the same thing and it seems like mine looks completely different and I just always wondered why. I spoke with a plastic surgeon about this before and he told me that it would never be the way I want it because I would not have enough skin to cover it. What are my options?

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Deep abdominal scars can be improved

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I think there are some great options to minimize the scar, followed by recreation of a belly button. 

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Scar removal

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 Your scar is wide and irregular. It can be improved with scar revision. You however need to be examined to determine if there is a hernia which can complicate the surgery but certainly not impossible to do.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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