I Have What I Believe is Scar Tissue Building Up in the Area of my Incision, Under Left Breast? What to Do?

I had a contracture in 2006 and had silicone gel implants put in, replacing saline. Now I have scar tissue or something building up right where my incision is, and it's made my breast flattened on the bottom, noticable when I lift my arm up in the air. Im supposed to have a mammorgram next week, and am nervous. I haven't been to see the PS yet but have called his office. It is common for this to happen when incisions are reopened for another surgery?

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Implant flattening after breast augmentation

Without photos or examining you, I cannot comment on your breast shape.  You may have capsular contracture; however, your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you after she/he sees you.  As you are aware, capsular contracture can re-occur; also capsular contracture is not dangerous to your health.  We usually recommend removing the scar tissue and exchanging the implant if the capsular contracture gives cosmetic deformity or pain.  You should go ahead with your scheduled mammogram.  Good luck to you.

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Scar Tissue Building Up in the Area of my Incision

When this flattening occurs while elevating your arms, it may well be compression of the implant by your pectoralis muscle. Surgeons call this "animation."  If you are right handed, it is not unusual that the right side is more affected. 

It is doubtful that this is related to re-using the same incision a second time. 

Get your mammogram, see your surgeon. 

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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