I Believe Large, High Profile Implants Caused Hematoma and Capsular Contracture?

I cry non stop, 8 weeks post op from high profile submuscular silicone implants 475L and 425R. I had a hematoma and my right breast suddenly swelled over night to 3x bigger than my left. In one short week since then my right breast is hard as a rock and distorted. my surgeon said I have CC but he will not do a revision until a year post op! Please can someone tell me if I can fix this sooner, can't live with it

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Breast Implant Shape and Hematoma & Contracture

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I am So sorry that you experienced these complications. Your hematoma was probably unrelated to the profile shape of your breast implant, however your capsular contracture statistically was probably related from your hematoma. Although hematoma's are unusual events they can happen and cause these problems. Of course their are other causes of capsular contracture (smoking, prior history, etc) as well as bleeding (certain genetic procedures, supplements and NSAID's like ibuprofen or aspirin).

Many surgeons wait a full year before revising a capsular contracture and in the interim try medications that are off FDA use such as Accolate or Singulair.

My best advise is to re-discuss this with your surgeon. If he/she is not a board certified plastic surgeon or even just for peace of mind have a second opinion with one that is. Below is a link on how to find someone qualified

Capsular contracture and hematoma

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Generally, most plastic surgeon would wait for a year prior to revision surgery. However, there are times when a revision can be performed earlier than a year. Hematoma (and multifactorial issues) has been associated with capsular contracture. Hematoma are usually drained. If you are in a lot of pain and discomfort, I would recommend discussing this issue with your Plastic Surgeon (If your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon). Finally, consider getting a second opinion. Good luck and I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

Stanley Okoro, MD
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Capsular contracture

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Typically, we delay revisional surgery for up to a year to allow the breasts to settle down.  However, if you have a documented capsular contracture, then this would be a reason to reoperate sooner.  First, it is important to determine whether the hematoma has resolved and then to make a plan.

Capsular Contracture Problems

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Sorry to hear about your situation.  Hematomas have been linked to capsular contractures and that certainly may have contributed to yours.  Was the hematoma ever drained?  If this doesn't improve in the next month or so, then you would be a candidate for revisional surgery to remove the scar tissue capsule and "start over".  I see no benefit in making you wait a full year.  There are many critical steps to take when performing capsule removal to try to minimize the chance of you getting another contracture.  Be sure your surgeon talks to you in detail regarding this so you can feel comfortable with him revising your breast.   Hope this helps.

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