Do I Really Need 6 Fraxel Restore Treatments?

I have just had my second fraxel. I am paying an arm and a leg for these treatments ($1500 each). The pain of each treatment is minimal. I don't know why everyone is complaining. The numbing cream totally negates any pain. I break out in whiteheads after each treatment for about 5 days. That is the absolute worst. I hate it and leaves me red to the point of making me wonder if this is worth it.

I DO see significant improvement in my melasma (upper lip, orbital eye area, forhead) but i get the feeling that i am being scammed somehow. The doctor immediately was like "6 treatments will be needed" and didn't increase the intensity on my second one. Is he supposed to? I wonder if i am not getting my money's worth?

I believe in the treatment, but do i really need 6?

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Fraxel Restore requires multiple treatments

It is hard to say that you will need 6 treatments before starting the treatment, but 6 is not unreasonable, and everyone who does Fraxel Restore does 4 or 5 treatments. To answer the second part of your question, it is NOT necessary to increase the intensity on the second treatment: Sometimes we do, sometimes we do not. It depends on what we are treating, the settings, and how the patient did with the first treatment.

The reason for multiple treatment sessions with Fraxel is that the grid of tiny laser beams that makes up the Fraxel laser treats about 20% of the surface area of your skin each treatment session. Therefore, in order to treat 80 to 100% of the surface area, you will need 4 to 5 treatments.

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