With pregnancy would I lose the whole fat cells that were injected in my breasts or would I only lose the fat in the fat cells?

I had a nice round C-cup before my first pregnancy. I have/had little fat in my breasts. The cupsize I had before pregnancy was made up solely by glandular tissue. So after my pregnancies my breast glandular tissue reduced very much, leaving my breasts in a little A-cup. I've read that in a pregnancy your breast get more glandular tissue and the fat is changed into the glandular tissue but do they mean the fatcels or just the fat in the cels?

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Fat transfer to Breast and pregnency

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I think you need some correction on the information that you seem to have.During Pregnancy the number of glands dont multiply but the glands get hypertrophied ( enlarged like sebaceous glands on face become big with lump on face) and the fat after fat grafting once it becomes the part of body does not get lost irrespective of pregnancy.
Fat in the breast never changes into glandular tissue under any situation including pregnancies.
I am not sure if this answered your question about fat and breast and their relation during pregnency.

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