Lipofilling upperlip. When will the swelling get better? (Photo)

I have do a lipofilling 8 days ago in my upperlip ,but she is so hard swollen at the sight en die other sight is tinner ,a can't not go out with these lips ! When is this swelling better ,i'm not happy !

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Thank you for posting your question. At 8 days post procedure, swelling is normal and expected. Depend on individual differences, it takes several weeks to months for swelling to gradually go away. After any procedure, your body needs time to readjust and settle into the final shape. Be patient and continue following up with your physician. Best of luck.

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Swelling Cessation after Lipofilling

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Swelling is common after your procedure and should start to resolve in a few days. I recommend contacting your Dr. about your concerns and aftercare. I like to use PRP with lipofilling for best results. Best, Dr. Emer

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