Infection after Rhinoplasty : Is there something else I should do? What are the possible complications? Can it get worse? (photo

I had an open rhinoplasty (with cartilaginous alar grafts) 1 month ago. I posted a question here about a weird discharge coming from the back of 2 red bumps inside my nose. My GP told me it was nothing, the ENT simply told me to take anti-inflammatory pills (no effect, it even became painful). When my PS came back from vacation yesterday and saw this pic, he replied that it could be an infection and that I had to take Augmentin 500 and use Bactroban 3 times a day. I'll see him on wednesday.

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You may have a localized infection at the base of your nose 1 month after your rhinoplasty surgery.

Based on your photo, your surgeon chose appropriate medications to see how you will respond over the next two days. A presentation like this could be a suture abscess, or inflammation to deep sutures. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Get well soon.

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