Has Anyone Heard of Retraction (NOT Droop) of Non-operated Eyelid After Unilateral Ptosis Correction of One Eye? (photo)

I have had 3 surgeries to correct ptosis of my right eye. My left eye was always normal. The first surgery didn't work. The second surgery resulted in an overcorrection of my right eye. I had a third surgery to fix the overcorrection and lower it. It is at the correct position now. It's 6 months post surgery and my left, the good eyelid, is NOT drooping, but has RETRACTED. I never had any surgery on the left and now see white space between my iris and my eyelid and it's not improving. Now what?

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I recommend a through consultation with a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.

Upper eyelid retraction is a common sign of thyroid eye disease.  I think you should be carefully assessed and the possibility of thyroid related orbitopathy as a basis for upper eyelid retraction.  This condition can present just on one side.  Unilateral upper eye lid retraction could contribute to the appearance of progressive contralateral ptosis.

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