Are my boobs equalizer in size or placement? (Photo)

I had a BAM 1 year ago and dont know whats wrong with them the sizing or the placement? Please help

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Breast position

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It is hard to be exactly sure without seeing your before photo - it looks like your right breast may have always sat slightly lower on your chest which is quite common due to chest asymmetry in everyone. However the right breast may have given way slightly post surgery . A small revison of the lower breast to raise the fold may help

Implant malposition

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It appears that you have capsular contracture and implant malposition.There are multiple factors that contribute to the development of capsular contracture.  These include bleeding, bacteria on the surface of the implants, powder from gloves, fibers from the gauze or drapes, patient factors.  We control all the variables that can be controlled.  We use the no touch technique to handle the implants.  We employ implant massage after surgery.  We use prostaglandin inhibitors if necessary.  There is evidence that hyperbaric oxygen can be helpful.  Silicone that bleeds causes capsular contrature that increases over time:  this is one of the reasons I prefer saline implants.  

Right implant is too low

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Sadykova:  It appears from your pictures that your right implant has dropped a little lower than what would be considered ideal.  It happens.  I would think you would benefit from a procedure called a capsulorrhaphy on your right side in which the bottom of the implant pocket is sutured closed in order to raise the implant up slightly.  Of course we don't have your preoperative pictures to assess your level of symmetry prior to your augmentation but I am confident this procedure would improve your breast appearance significantly.Best of luck to you.G. Robert Meger MD

G. Robert Meger, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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1 year post-augmentation

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Have your breasts always looked like this post-op or has the left one changed in shape? Is your left breast hard/firmer than the right? It appears you have some capsular contracture on the left side or it was placed in such a way that they would never match right to left, which could be related to the shape of your chest/breasts. Best to be seen and evaluated by a surgeon to determine what is going on.

1 year after Breast Augmentation

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I will always recommend returning to your operating surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an in-person exam. I can see the asymmetry in your breast from the photos, however you provided no before photos of what your breast started like.


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Your breasts appear to be a good, proportionate size for your frame. The right breast may have settled a little too low. I recommend that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person to evaluate that fold and whether a small revision may be required.
All the best

Breast issue

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They definitely look asymmetric with one being much higher than the other. An exam in person and possibly a review of your preop photos would be helpful. You likely could benefit from a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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