What is the reason the glandular tissue in my breasts shrank 2 cup sizes after pregnancy?

Before my pregnancy my breasts were full (felt like a round disc inside) with glandular tissue. Now after pregnancy, I lost two cupsizes and the glandular tissue feels like a little narrow bunch inside my breasts. If the glandullar tissue gets enlarged/swollen in pregnancy and becomes small again after pregnancy, why don't I feel the round discs of tissue anymore? And why did I loose so much volume?

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What is the reason the glandular tissue in my breasts shrank 2 cup sizes after pregnancy?

It's funny because as a female growing up I was always told by other woman that when you get pregnant your breasts will get bigger. What everyone failed to explain is that your breasts get bigger during the pregnancy and while breast feeding. Most woman actually experience loss of volume of breast tissue after they are finished breast feeding. It is not uncommon to lose 2 cup sizes as you describe. Most woman experience the loss of volume more so in the upper pole making the breast appear deflated. Hormones make your breasts grow during pregnancy and milk engorgement during breast feeding.

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Tissue loss

You lost tissue due to hormonal changes with pregnancy and genetics. Some women change a lot and some don't. If you are unhappy with your breasts, you might want to discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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