I have spent thousands on Mesotherapy for hair. It does not work its a take on. Should i use Propecia

This product is a con. Have spent thousands and my hair is just gettin worse. Should i take propecia?

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The only FDA approved treatments for hair loss for men are minoxidil and finasteride (Propecia). Other "off-label" treatments include low level laser therapy (LLLT), platelet rich plamsa. 

Hair restoration is a good option for some men (depending on how much hair has been lost and the amount of donor hair). 

There are dozens and dozens of other treatments that are reported to benefit - but lack good science to back up their claims. I can list about 200. 

There are a few studies suggesting that mesotherapy can help some people. But there are 40 types of mesotherapy and I've seen data on only one or two studies. Do the other 38 work? There are no studies. 

In general, start with FDA approved treatments (after speaking with a knowlegable hair physician). If these dont work or you do not wish to try, move to accepted "off-label" treatments that hair specialists around the world would use. If those don't work try other things .... if you are still looking for options (just understand they may have no evidence of being helpful and may or may not have side effects). 

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