Belotero, better to dissolve or wait?

Under eye area overfilled with Beletero over three weeks ago. The resulting look is horrible and, at this point, I do not trust the physician to try and make corrections-all research showed him to be qualified. If I'm able to wait for product to dissolve naturally will there be any residual effects, i.e., stretching, wrinkling that was not previously there. Thanks

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Belotero under the Eyes

I love Belotero for the under eye area but it may be that too much product was injected.  I would wait one more week and if it still looks uneven ask for it to be dissolved.  

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Belotero, better to dissolve or wait

In reading your current and previous post, I completely understand your frustration in not getting your desired result. While Belotero is felt to cause less fluid accumulation than other hyaluronic acid fillers, the potential for fluid to collect, especially under the eyes, is there. This may be, in whole or in part, responsible for your bags. There is also the possibility that too much product was placed.

The good news is that both waiting and removal are low risk with regards to long term effects.

Have a discussion with your doctor about the pros and cons of each option, and I am sure you can reach the right decision for you.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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