I had a mastectomy 8 weeks ago And I have a flat spot on the side of my nipple.

Is this due to radiation ? I had radiation and chemo 17 years ago. My plastic surgeon said there was not enough room for the b cup so she had to go smaller. She has suggested going back and putting a little larger in ... Will I still have that flat spot?

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Breast Reconstruction - Recovery

Thank you for your inquiry. It is difficult to give you a recommendation without viewing pre-operative and current photos or reviewing your medical / surgical history.  Please add to or create another post with this information if possible. 
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Breast reconstruction revision.

It is possible that a larger implant may eliminate the flat spot around your nipple but you may need additional tissue to make that area more natural looking. Fat grafting is a possibility although radiation sometimes causes this to dissolve away with time. Then it may be repeated. Good luck and take care.

Leslie Memsic, MD, FACS
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Breast Reconstruction

There are many issues and considerations that the plastic surgeon and the patient need to consider when considering breast reconstruction or revision of breast reconstruction.Without pictures or in person consultation, and review of the medical records, there is no way to give you the proper advise

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