Does anyone know a doctor who will do Lap-band Surgery for someone 28 BMI?

I see my family who are now older and obese and I know my struggles with food and weight since I was a child. I work out regularly and always have since I played sports at 5. Ive been on every diet, Ive been to a nutritionist, counselor, doctor, tried medications, vitamins, juicing, acupuncture, and lost and gained weight many times. I cant control it on my own. I want my stomach smaller so I do not feel the hunger I feel now.
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Lap Band is indicated for patients

For patients with a body mass index over 35 if they are diabetic or they suffer from hypertension. In your case you are not a candidate for any bariatric procedure, you only have a little overweight, we recommend you visit a nutritionist and try to have a diet as natural as possible so you can success, because sometimes the conservatives of most of the canned products condition us to gain  weight.

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