Ro-accutane 6 Or 8 Month Course? Please Help !

so im starting my 4th month of ro-accutane today and my dose was highed up from 20mg/day to 30mg/day i forgot to mention before that i weigh abt 55 kg so do i still have to stay on the treatment for over 8 months or is the 6 months course enough?

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How long do I need to take Accutane

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The important thing with Accutane is to take the full dosage, which means getting the right mg of the medication into your body. If you don't and you stop too soon, ultimately, the acne will return and you'll be back starting your regimen again. Full compliance means taking it for as long as your doctor tells you (which is based on a math calculation, as well as your environment, acne type, and severity), so in your case, 8 months.

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