I've done vaser liposuction for my 3 weeks ago I saw no difference till now. Any suggestions?

Hi. I'm 42 years old. 3 weeks ago I've done vaser lipo for my abdomen. I still don't see any difference at all. My abdomen still looks fat and as if bloated, even though it's not bloated. I'm so worried and really depressed that I've went through all this pain and paid a big amount of money for nothing. I asked my doctor over the phone why he told me it's normal cause now I'm not wearing the garment anymore, an answer that didn't convince me. Do you have an answer for my case. Thanks

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Liposuction Three Weeks Ago - Still Look The Same

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Pain and swelling is normal even up to 8 weeks after liposuction. I advise my patients to wear their garments for 6 weeks minimum. After that, it's up to them. Garments help reform your skin to your new shape and reduce swelling, getting you to your endpoint/result faster. You shouldn't really expect a final result until about 6 months after your surgery and maybe even longer. 

Liposuction results after surgery

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The recovery process is different for everyone. Swelling and bruising usually begin to diminish after 2-3 weeks. Maximum results will be achieved in 6 weeks and may require 3- 4 months or longer.

The results of your Liposculpture in Los Angeles are usually best seen after six weeks. Your treated areas should look great and retain their sculptured appearance for as long as you remain the same weight. 

You should follow up with your surgeon to take post operative photos (at 6 weeks after surgery) and compare them to any preoperative photos the office should of taken.

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