Surgical Changes Needed to my Nose ? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I'm a 22 years old male who's bothered by his nose. It's wide and big for my oval face, short in length, with a bulbous tip, ugly triangular nostrils, and an awful side profile. Is it a realistic goal to ask for a Brody Jenner type of nose or something similar due to my thick nasal tip ? Also what surgical changes/alterations would you recommend to my nose ? And would a semi up turned type of nose flatter or ruin my facial features ? Thank you for your replies.

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Thick skin and expectations

You can achieve  straighter bridge and a slightly slimmer nose at the bridge and tip but you have completely different skin thickness to the celebrity pictured so your expectations to achieve that are completely unrealistic . The very thick skin you have is in contrast to the model's much thinner skin and thick skin i a major living factor  - set your expectations lower and work with an experienced rhino surgeon and you will have a happy outcome - no need to turn up the nose  there is not need to change the tip rotation down or up 


Thank you for your question. A rhinoplasty procedure can improve your nose by addressing the bulbous tip and nostrils to create a nose that fits better with your oval face. While you may desire a face like Brody Jenner, the face that is proportionate to your face and appears natural will create the most aesthetic and desirable appearance. I suggest that you move forward by consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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