Is my donor area healing normally 18 days after Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had my hair transplant 18 days ago in turkey. About 3800 grafts. Everything is going great except that i am worried that my donor are is not healing well ? How many days does it need to heal completly ? 1 month ? 1 LAST QUESTION , after 10 days of the operation when the hair was falling down some of them was covered with white layer , is that the graft that came out or is it a normal to happen ? Thank You

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3800 grafts

That's a large transplant.  It will take a few weeks to heal.  It appears that you may have also experienced some shock loss which is usually temporary.  Be sure to follow up with your doctor.

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18 Days after Hair Transplant

18 days is too early to see anything close to a final result.  If you have any other complications you need to see your doctor but the redness of the scalp may take a few weeks to completely resolve.  Individual differences might be seen between people in the process of their healing.  Discussing it with your doctor would be the best course of action if you are concerned at this point.

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Hair Transplant post op

At 18 days thongs appear to be healing normally. Keep in mind, It is much too early to judge how things looks currently. Early growth has just started at the 3 month mark. At 6 months you will be at only about 50% growth, at 12 months you will be at roughly 90% growth. Remain patient and continue to follow your doctors post op care instructions.

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3800 grafts FUE

It appears to be healing however the area appears very thin. I wonder if you were over-harvested?  Ask your doctor. 

William Rassman, MD
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3800 FUE leaves a big scar as you are noticing and will take time to heal

3800 FUE leaves a big scar as you are noticing and will take time to heal. If your are losing chunks of tissue and not hair it may be grafts that did not take.

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Healing after FUE

Unfortunately  FUE Is advertise by many doctors as being noninvasive with no down time which is not true. It usually ties about two to the weeks for healing process.

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Donor area healing process

The photo you show represents a normal healing process. The donor area after an FUE procedure can take up to 3 months to fully heal. I would keep the area moisturized and the crusting should minimize in a few weeks. 

The white spot with the falling hairs in very consistent with a telogen hair. This is very normal and you did not loose that graft.

Omeed Memar, MD, PhD
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