I did a VSG on 24 august had a leak on September 2nd, what is next?

Hello after having a chronic leak i stayed 1 month at thw hospital (lung inflamation...) now j have drain in the place kf leak i can drink only soups and i feed by a machine (feeding pump) through a tube in my intestine. The leak is under control the dr said of after 3 months it did not close i have to make a surgery what kind or surgery will be done? And when it might appeat if the leak is gone i still drain out 30% of what i drink

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Treatment of Chronic leak after sleeve gastrectomy

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Your options depend on the cause of the leak.  Many are due to stricture of the sleeve in the lower part of the stomach.  If this can't be fixed, your options include conversion to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and Roux-en-Y fistulo-jejunostomy.  Below is a reference to a recent article discussing the problem.

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