I had my hymenoplasty 6 days ago and I masturbated today. Does it affect the sutures?

I have had hymenoplasty 6 days ago and i masturbated today. Does it affect the sutures? And can i have again my intercourse 2 weeks after the surgery ?

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Best To Delay Any Vaginal Sexual Activity For At Least 6 Weeks

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It is recommended to delay sexually active; including vaginal intercourse or any variation of it, for at least 6 weeks after surgery. When you are in the clear and do have intercourse, any “virginity-confirming” bleeding that occurs with penetration may be a result of the success of your surgery. Most likely, you will not experience bleeding the next time.

If you have certain concerns about your procedure results, it is recommended to call your board-certified surgeon or their medical staff and discuss those #concerns.

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Thank you for your question.  Physical manipulation of the genitalia after hymenoplasty should be avoided to maximize one's results.

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

You may masturbate cautiously after hymenoplasty

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After hymenoplasty, manipulation of the area around the vaginal opening should be avoided. Go no further down than the clitoris area and you should be OK.

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I would not recommend you introduce anything into the vagina during masturbation which might ripe the repaired hymen and ruin the results. However, clitoral stimulation is okay to do and should not cause any problems.

Post op care

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You definitely want to avoid penetrative sex of any type for at least 4 weeks. Gentle clitoral stimulation if it doesn't hurt is probably ok.  

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