Facial Atrophy dental implants? (photo)

Im getting implants after 6 years of extraction in the lower back molars on the right side of the pic. I noticed recently in pictures that my face look much thinner on the right side and my jaw line is no longer sharp, and when i smile i have more creases on the side and i look very weird. unfortunately nobody has warned me that facial atrophy is a consequence of not getting implants sooner. My question is will facial volume be restored after i have the implants in and i chew food on this side again?

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Muscles grow when used

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The atrophy is most LIKELY a result from the muscle on that side not being used.  If the implants allow the full use of the muscle, it is POSSIBLE that the muscle will grow and look balanced compared to the other side.

It is important to note that EVERYONE is imbalanced to a certain degree.  There is NO perfect symmetry to our faces, but we can have "similar" sizes of muscles, etc.

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