Does being overfilled mean a longer time to resorption/ resolution? (photo)

I was drastically overfilled with Perlane in the NLFs, pushing my right cheek halfway across my face and creating huge lumpy bags of skin alongside my mouth. It's been two months, with no improvement. I still have Perlane from two years ago that has not resorbed. My board certified derm injected a full vial into me this time, whereas in the past she never used more than half a syringe. Is it going to take twice as long to resorb if she used twice as much?

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Resorption of Perlane

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The resorption of Perlane is individual dependent. It usually lasts 4-6 mths but it could last a year. Perlane tends not to last as long in the nasolabial folds (area of facial movement) as it does in non moving areas.

A Hyaluronidase injection is an antidote for Perlane (Hyaluronic Acid) and can expedite the resolution.

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