Am I Being Taken Advantage with This Invislign Treatment?

So i started my invislign treatment end of july. My orthodontist told me my invislign treatment time span will be 1.5 year. I amhave being charged for the invislign treatment and tmj treatment. However as i have been reading from other expert orthodontist in realself, tmj should be treated first, before jumping to invislign treatment. In addition, any invislign can not have tmj treatment built within it (my orthodontist assistant said that my invislign braces said it had tmj treatment in it)

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I use Invisalign to treat many patients suffering from TMJ related issues

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Many patients that I have personally treated with Invisalign were suffering from
symptoms associated with TMJ. What I have found is that using Invisalign to change the occlusion and therefore the jaw relationships has been extremely helpful to my patients who previously had jaw pain. The relationship of the upper to lower teeth dictates the position of the jaw within the base of the skull. Placing the teeth in their proper places and allowing the upper and lower teeth to interdigitate properly, in addition to expanding the upper and lower dental arches, may actually help alleviate problems that are often considered TMJ problems. I personally use Invisalign to treat many patients suffering from TMJ related issues.

New York Orthodontist

No, You Are NOT Being Taken Advantage Of With Invisalign/TMJ Treatment Together

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What you do have a right to know however, is an explanation by your dentist/orthodontist  exactly his plan to treat your TMJ along with the Invisalign. There are many many different ways to "skin the cat" when it comes down to TMJ treatment. As long as the dentist/orthodontist explains to you what you can expect, and has a track record of treating TMJ successfully, then you are NOT being taken advantage of.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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