Refirme, Thermage or Accent for Loose Skin?

Which would be best for the beginning of loose skin on your skin - Refirme, Thermage or Accent?

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ReFirme vs. Thermage

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We use ReFirme at our office because it is effective and safe with no need for anesthesia.  My patients actually think it feels good, most of the time and most patients are extremely happy after 5 treatments.  Thermage works well too, but it is more expensive for the patient and is painful, requiring topical numbing cream.  The other disadvantage of Thermage is that it is mono-polar electricity, requiring a grounding pad.  There have been cases where the energy went too deep and melted the fatty layer under the skin, causing pitting.  This is a rare side effect, but patients should know that it is a possibility.  ReFirme is also a technology that uses radio frequency electricity, but it utilizes a bi-polar format, which controls the depth of the energy.  This controlled depth reduces the chance of pitting, making it a safer treatment.  ReFirme takes 3-5 treatments to do a noticeable job, wheras Thermage takes 1-3 treatments.  You should weigh the cost vs. benefit before making your decision.

I have no experience with the Accent procedure.

Redding Facial Plastic Surgeon


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We get good results with Refirme, but loose skin is best treated with Surgery if they are that type of candidate, or Refirme and resurfacing.  Refirme is good to a point, then does no more, like Accent and Thermage.  We use Refirme and CO2RE resurfacing or ExcelO2 resurfacing.  There are many good CO2 machines available now.

Thermage, Refirme...

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In my experience these devices are best when used in combination.  We use four different devices as part of a skin tightening regimen that gives incredible results. This includes Thermage CPT, Refirme, and other technologies depending on skin issues.

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