So Before I Had Tummy Tuck Surgery I Was Very Active, I Went to Bootcamp 3 X a Week and Cardio 3 Times a Week Day 5 Post Op?

How can I speed up my recovery? When can I return to running ? When can I return to bootcamp? what kind of stretch to help with recovery?

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Follow your surgeon's post-op instructions

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You can start doing cardio at 3-4 weeks after surgery, but wait 6 weeks before you do anything more strenuous, like lifting weights and sit-ups. Although you are 6 weeks post-op and can start exercising again, you should begin very slowly and build up to your former intensity. Doing too much too soon can compromise your recovery and can even cause complications.

Having said this, however, it is important you follow your surgeon's post-op instructions as they may have different guidelines.

Recovery after tummy tuck

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I don't know whether there is anything to "speed up" the recovery... You have invested time and money for your surgery.  You do not want to overdo things before you are allowed to.  Obviously, you want to walk every couple hours to prevent DVT.  I usually have my patients do low-impact exercise after 4 weeks and full-activity after 6 weeks.  All plastic surgeons are slightly different in our post-op recommendation/instructions.  It is best to follow your plastic surgeon's advice.  Best wishes!

Before I Had Tummy Tuck Surgery I Was Very Active,

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You have invested time and money to get these improvements. Part of your investment is participating in your recovery. Your surgeon will be the best source of info as to the specific activities you may or may not perform. Your surgeon knows what was done and has followed your recovery. 

Looking online for a surgeon who offers more lax restrictions will not be in your interest. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Don't try to rush recovery.

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If you've put in the time and effort to have a tummy tuck, it only makes sense for you to be patient with the recovery so no problems occur.  Even though the external appearance of your abdomen may look good, there is healing going on below the surface which you do not want to disrupt.  You need to allow the tissues to heal a minimum of 4 weeks before putting the stress of heavy exercise on it.  The same goes for stretching.

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