Leaking Butt Implants 2 Months Post-op

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 then a wk later the wound opened.on 5/12/11 my DR.placed in retention stitches.on 5/24/11 he removed them.it's now 6/17/11 and i'm leaking like crazy from this one dark grayish spot in the wound.i went to my PCP because, i'm not due to see my surgeon til a wk from now,and she said it looks like the sinus (i didn't know we made those in our behind).is that possible and if so what do i do?picture shows the spot i'm speaking of.

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Leaking Buttocks Implants?

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Hi Satajza
Sorry to hear about your trouble with your Buttocks Implants. Actually it is not your implant that is leaking, it is your wound.   Unfortunately, this is a common problem with Butt Implants.  The term "sinus" actually refers to a tunnel or track leading from your skin, most likely down to the implant pocket.  The fluid you are leaking is most likely from a seroma which is a very common complication with Butt Implants.  The pressure usually leads to the incision opening up if it is not drained.  Then the next common problem is that the implant may get infected if it is not already.  Bacteria can travel down that sinus tract to the implant.  You need to call your surgeon immediately and be seen asap to try to prevent infection.  Do not wait to see them next week!

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Leaking butt implants 2 month

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Sorry to hear you are having such difficulties with your butt implants.   I believe that your implants may be infected . Once these implants are exposed to air (through a sinus) they frequently become infected.  It sounds like that has happened in your situation.  I would have a conversation with your plastic surgeon as to the next step. 

Leaking Fluid After Buttock Implants

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What may be going on is you body is producing extra fluid in reaction to the implant +/- a small or smoldering infection.  Although this can happen with just about any major surgery, even tummy tucks, it is not necessarily a "common problem" with buttock implants.  The key is to follow up with your treating surgeon so he/she can perform a direct exam and thus provide, likely, the best advice.  Best of luck...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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