Silikon Injection Problems Years Later?

Is there anyone who developed problems years later? Professor Peter Hutt and Tamara Tilleman,MD wrote in 2005 .." silicone became notorious for devastating results. FDA considers silicone injections dangerous, but legal loophole - arising from approval of Silikon 1000) for treating detached retinas has resulted this being legal since 1994. FDA law allows doctors to administer "legally marketed device to patients, so doctors may inject silicone off-label use." I was looking for permanent results & for $750, this was not only a huge disappointment; but now I'm wondering if I have to worry about future lumps, migration and nodules?

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Treatment of silicone and silikon nodules

I see a lot of silicone nodules and inflammatory lumps after injection.  This is primarily why I do not inject silicone as a soft tissue filler.  There are many options for silicone injection nodules that I have found work. 

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Silicone injections

Silicone injections are being done by some phsicians. It is a permanent product and may cause granulomas, or visibility of the product under the skin. It is almost impossible to remove completely if there is a problem.

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