Can Invisalign bring down my right canine or would I need traditional braces? (Photo)

Would I be suitable for Invisalign braces to bring down my canine or would it be best to have traditional braces? I had a consultation today & the dentist said it was possible, however I'd like to be certain before I commit? Thank you

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Invisalign Can Bring Down Canine .....BUT!

Invisalign and/or regular banded orthodontics are not the best choice of treatment for you.  You have a severely underdeveloped maxilla (upper jaw) that ideally should have been expanded prior to age eight.  As an adult there are a couple of options available to give the best results.

My preferred method is to utilize the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics/ Orthopedics to gradually expand and grow the maxilla to its proper size.  A excellent side effect  is that it will also grow your airway larger (pneumopedics).

It is also possible to do a SARPE procedure or a Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion.  This allow a much faster expansion because the oral surgeon cuts through the middle of the hard palate and three major connections to the skull allowing very rapid expansion by the othodontist.  Due to surgical portion it is more expensive and has surgical risks associated with the procedure.

The web reference is a patient early in treatment who discusses Breathing beneficial effects from the DNA Appliance.

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Can Invisalign Extrude A Canine

Yes, Invisalign is an excellent choice in your case. The entire crown is exposed which allows for attachments to be placed and any auxiliary components to be utilized if needed. Space will need to be created for tooth and since you have a narrow arch, this may accomplished using Invisalign to expand the arch. So, no worries and best wishes!

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