Major facial fat loss with folding skin on jaw; how do I make it stop?

I am 6 months post ultherapy and my face Has major fat loss! Especially jawline. My question is how can every doctor answer That ultherapy does not cause fat loss when Women are flooding this site with the same Story? Even if your answer is that it was not In the proper hands , why is it allowed in hands it should not be in? If I was getting brain surgery I would not expect my foot Doctor to be doing it as that would be unethical. How do you make fat loss stop on your face?

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Ultherapy dd not cause your fat loss

There are no pictures posted with this question for comparison of before and after treatment. If there is moderate skin laxity or history of smoking, patient selection becomes critical for ultherapy outcome. You were likely treated with ultherapy because your doctor did not perform face and neck lifts and sold the treatment they had. There are specific guidelines for optimal cosmetic outcome with Ultherapy. Any fat loss due to Ultherapy is negligible. If you have concerns, it is best to address them with your treating doctor.

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