Fat loss due to Ultherapy (Photo)

Why are so many doctors now comming forward and admitting that ultherapy does in fact cause fat loss? Is it because so many of us Ladies are showering this site with the same story? Perhaps when the first person stepped up it should of been taken more seriously ! I have cell death to my face after having only a lower face done. My pictures don't lie. Any suggestions on what is best for my skeleton face due to this unethical and irresponsible event.

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Fat loss and Ultherapy

Thanks for your pictures, they do indeed show a reduction in fat- I'm just curious as to the time line as everyone looses fat as they age. Well, do I think that Ultherapy is a safe treatment in the correct hands? Yes, otherwise I would not treat myself nor my family as illustrated in the video. Now, what I do not know is how YOUR procedure was performed. Ultherapy is a very powerful device, it has to be for it work well. Treating the key areas with absolute accuracy gives good, safe results. Technique and location is important. Overlapping with 4.5 mm transducers in the same areas can in theory cause problems (this is not the correct technique). Now, suggestion to fix your problem - see a Board Certified Specialist, fillers in strategic areas can enhance and revolumise your face. You will be pleasantly surprised what good filling can achieve. I wish you well, and like Dr Ishoo says, you may have a case if the procedure was not performed correctly by the doctor. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Ultherapy result

The pre and post pictures have no dates on them to assess how they are relevant to any treatment you received. If you believe that you were damaged by a treatment, I would recommend taking legal action which then will reveal the facts including the real clinical pictures and your weight before and after treatment documented by your doctor including the machine used, the transducers and settings. I have performed hundreds of ultherapy treatments and have never seen any noticeable "fat loss". I am also not sure where the doctors are that are coming forward and "admitting that ultherapy does in fact cause fat loss"? "in fact"? if this is true, you should be able to prevail with a civil suit and I would have thought there would have been at least ONE case somewhere that a patient prevailed in such a claim.

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