I had surgery gastric sleeve Wednesday - I was wondering if it's normal to have blurry vision?

Also how long do I have to be in bed rest and when am I able to drive again?

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Scopalamine patch can cause blurred vision

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Nausea is common immediately after surgery.  Often we use a scopalamine patch, which is often placed behind the ear, to help relieve nausea.  The patch is left on for 3 days.  The scopalamine can cause blurred vision.  It isn't dangerous.
You also asked about bed rest and driving.  You should NOT be on bed rest; it will increase the chance of getting a blood clot.  We encourage all patients to be out of bed and walking as much as possible.
Regarding driving; I tell my patients this is a personal decision.  You should feel awake and alert, with no pain, and not be on any pain medications.  You are operating a motor vehicle and putting your life, and others, at risk.  Be responsible.  (If you have blurred vision you shouldn't be driving).

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