What can I have done to get rid of my white spots on my teeth? Super embarrassed also need my teeth filed. (photo)

Was told calcium deficiency

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White spots

Whiting  is not suggested, when you have white spots, it highlights the white spots more.  In general, I either let my patients know that the white spots will be highlighted during the whiting process or discourage  them from whitening.  I would suggest a little recontouring, but if that doesn't get rid of the spots, you can have your dentist apply bonding to cover them.  good luck.  

White Spots

The first thing to do is whiten your teeth. Sometimes the white spots can blend in better with your teeth when your teeth are whiter. If you still see the spots afterwards and it bothers you, you can have them fully removed by slightly drilling them away and replacing it with the proper shade of tooth colored filling material. You can then shorten the 2 front teeth slightly. What you have is called hypocalcification, but it doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enough calcium in your body. I hope this helps!

What can I do to get rid of white spots?

It appears that the white spots are at the biting edges of your two front teeth.  Since your two front teeth are significantly longer than the teeth next to them, the quickest and least expensive treatment would be cosmetic recontouring.  By reducing the length of your two front teeth, the white spots would be eliminated as the teeth are shortened.  In my opinion, I think this would give you a more attractive smile.  

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Encinitas Dentist
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