Will my Wisdom Tooth Extraction Delay Me from Going Forward with Getting Cheek Implants Done?

I had my bottom wisdom tooth pulled about a week ago it was not infected to begin nor did it ever hurt I had it done because it was visible plus I already had the other 3 pulled in the past. Now I'm worried I'll have to prolong getting my cheek augmentation done since it goes through the mouth. So my question is can I still go forward with the cheek augmentation? If not how long would I have to wait?

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Wisdom tooth extraction and cheek implants

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 The two procedures are done  intra-orally, but the incisions are in completely different locations.   The cheek implant insertion his directly over the top of the canine fossa where the implant is inserted directly over the bone and underneath the periosteum. It is probably best to wait a few weeks between the two surgeries to allow good healing for yourself

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Cheek augmentation after wisdom tooth extraction

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To be honest with you, you should ask this question of the surgeon who will be performing your cheek augmentation.  Each surgeon will have their own preference for how long a period to wait between the wisdom tooth extraction and cheek augmentation.  Since your extraction was done on the bottom of your mouth and not the top, it should not be as much of an issue.  The work done in placing cheek implants is done above the upper teeth.  Just to be thorough, you should check with your surgeon to make sure it's not a problem for him or her.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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