What Can Correct a Worn Down K9 Tooth? A Permanent Crown or Veneers?

I have one K9 tooth that has worn down not too bad but it's noticeable because it doesn't match the one on the other side what are my options? My tooth is straight and healthy so I'm not sure if getting a crown is the way to go since I've heard it's more for people who have a decay. Veneers for one tooth is very expensive so I'm wondering if there is another option to maybe sharpen the tooth to match the other side or reshape it somehow.. Pls include prices with your comments...Thank You..,

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Find Out Why Tooth has Wear

Thanks for your question!  Something is causing your tooth to wear like this--and simply fixing the tooth with a crown or veneer would address the cosmetic issue, but there's a bigger functional issue to address.  Discussing this with your dentist will help uncover the underlying issue (most likely your bite, the way your teeth come together), so that you can achieve the best in terms of function and aesthetics for your smile!  Good luck!

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Worn K9?

Your options on the cainine is bonding, veneer or crown. In most cases the bonding on your K9 is not strong enough long term. As far as veneer or crown in many offices the fee is the same, I may suggest the crown over the veneer since these teeth take the most force good luck


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Tooth wear reasons

Sounds like you may have a bite problem, i.e., the way your teeth fit together is wearing on that canine or you may have a habit that is wearing it down The first thing is to determine why it is worn down so the solution does not lead to the same problem recurring. A bad fit of the bite would be corrected with orthodontics, may be as much as $7000, or as low as $3000 depending on the extent of the problem, A veneer for that one tooth would be from $1200 to $1600 but if the forces on the tooth are not reduced the veneer could also fracture. Sometimes it is possible to just reshape the tooth, probably the cost for that would be less than $200. You would be well served with a dental professional evaluating before making any decisions. Hope this helps!!Bernice Szafarek DMD

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