Can you aspirate a fluid collection from soft tissue on the cheek? (photos)

An ultrasound test indicated there was a fluid collection below my eye up toward the temple where my hairline starts it's caused my face to swell into the shape of a large egg. I had cheek augmentation done 13 days ago. My doctor is out of state so I don't know what to do or where to go to get help. The area is not red but the swelling is big enough that I'm in pain. Help!

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Swelling on cheek 13 days after cheek augmentation

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If there is a fluid collection in your cheek 13 days after cheek augmentation, it is possible that the fluid could be aspirated.  Your recovery is not the usual following cheek augmentation and you should be evaluated as soon as possible to determine a course of action to resolve your issue.  If your surgeon is not available, I would ask your surgeon's office if there is another doctor available to see you.  If not, I would seek the attention of a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon who has experience with cheek augmentation surgery.   

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