Will a 3mm Silicone Malar Implant Give Enough of a Dramatic Look?

I have very flat cheeks and I'm wondering if a 3mm silicone malar implant will give me the prominent cheek I'm looking for. I want a dramatic chiseled cheek bone that will change the shape of my face to be bigger at the top and smaller towards my chin like the shape of a heart or a v-shape.. Will a 4mm malar implant be better? I for sure want at least a medium size implant and don't know if a 3mm is even a medium or is 4mm considered a medium size.. Help! Thank You in advance..

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Malar implant thickness depends on the facial structure.

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Malar implant thickness depends on the facial structure. 4mm of projection is more than 3 but I need to see photos to give you a proper answer of what you need.

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Cheek implant for flat cheeks

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 Without any pictures is impossible to say what type, size, or shape of  implant be required in your individual case. Examination and consultation in person are required to pick the appropriate size and shape once a 3-D three-dimensional examination of your cheeks as performed by your surgeon. Cheek augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure, takes  approximately one-hour to perform under general anesthesia. The placement of the incision is in the intra-oral area above the upper teeth. The implants are composed of Silastic, and are placed directly over the maxillary bone

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Chiseled high cheekbone look

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The high chiseled cheekbone look is the opposite of the apple dumpling look with fat full cheeks. As we age the cheek fat shrinks and falls. You could have an injectable fillers to see what you would prefer, but that would delay surgery 1/2 year or so. Sometimes, buccal fat extraction to have the mid-face sink in call also be effective in giving a high cheekbone effect


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