Can a Beast Implant Get Hard, Swollen and Painful but Correct Itself over a Two Week Period?

I have had saline implants for over 6 years and two weeks ago, my right breast became very painful,hard,swollen,and moved up. After seeing my surgeon, he said to wait 2 weeks. I woke up today and it seems my right breast is going back to normal, the swelling is going down, they are becoming softer, and the pain is almost gone. What is happening? Will I still need to be opened up to check for infection, will I need to be drained or should I go on as If the implant is fine and back to normal?

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Please follow up with your surgeon

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The presentation of the swelling and it getting resolved by itself is not due to the infection. Your surgeon can examine you and give you better answer.The other option would be Ultrasound to evaluate for fluid collection.

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Breast swelling 6 years after implantation

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Generally speaking what you described would be associated with a capsular contracture. Because this is associated with pain typically it would be considered a Baker 4 capsular contracture. With this being said, the problem seems to be correcting itslef, therefore I would advise you to continue following up with your plastic surgeon and monitor it for any changes.


I hope this helps you and good luck


Fadi Chahin MD, FACS

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Diplomat, American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Hard breast softening

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Without more information and photos, its hard to know what is happening. Its certainly unusual. If you had capsular contracture, that usually does not get better on its own. Perhaps you developed a fluid collection that is resolving on its own. Just keep in touch with your plastic surgeon. If it goes back to normal, then there is nothing to worry about, for now at least.

Paul Wigoda, MD
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Breast swelling 6 years after implant surgery

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Why your breast would swell and then return to normal is a bit of a mystery, but it sounds like its improving.  Stay in contact with your surgeon if it doesn't resolve.  Good luck!

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Breast Becoming Hard and then Softening over a 2 Week Period

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   A breast becoming hard and high is characteristic of capsular contracture.  However, it is possible that muscle spasm could produce a change such as this.  In addition, a fluid collection or hematoma could do this as well.  If your breast has returned to normal size and softness, you may have little to worry about.  As always, followup with your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Can a Beast Implant Get Hard, Swollen and Painful but Correct Itself

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Without having seen you, or at least photos it is hard to know what this might have been. I would have to  yield to whatever suggestion your surgeon has made. Did he tell you what he thought this was?

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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