Is Beard Hair a Good Source of Donor Hair for Hair Transplants?

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Beard hair can be used as donor hair

Beard hair can be used as donor hair but there should be a reason why you would want to use beard hair over scalp hair.  Scalp hair is usually the primary choice for donor hair.  The texture and character of beard hair may not match scalp hair.

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Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant

Beard to scalp hair transplant is one of the newest methods of hair transplantation that has been becoming more popular thanks to the advanced techniques of FUE transplantation.  The new extraction methods through FUE procedure has helped us be able to harvest beard hair intact and transplant it to the balding areas.

Beard hair is a great source for people with advanced stages of hair loss or the ones that don't have a good quality donor hair from their scalp.

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Body Hair Transplant Uses Beard Hair

Beard hair is an excellent secondary donor source for hair transplant on severely bald patients. Advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) enables body hair transplant, which can incorporate the use of hair from almost anywhere outside the traditional donor zone, including the face. Though beard hair is coarser than typical head hair, the long-term graft survival rate of beard hair is high enough to make it a valuable resource.

Beard hair use is great for those whose head donor source is depleted, either due to advanced male pattern baldness or prior botched surgeries.


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Donor Hair


Under certain circumstances beard hair can be transplanted to the head, however this is not ideal or the way to go, except under the most unusual of senarios.


Beard hair source for donor hair?

No for two reasons:  It is the wrong quality of hair and it is impossible to harvest.

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Is Beard Hair a Good Source of Donor Hair for Hair Transplants?

I would doubt it.  I can't imagine beard hairs growing to the same length, texture and thickness as scalp hair.  Scalp hair remains the best donor for hair transplants.  Perhaps Propecia?

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