Looking for V-Beam Laser Provider in Southern California

Looking into V Beam Laser? Need a Good Place That Will Give Me a Good Deal in Southern C.A

im taking retin a 0.1 pct and hydroquinone 8 pct after a huge acne outbreak im trying to cure it. have been on retin for 6 weeks and looking for a good place that will give me a good deal ( please help) im in southern california please help thanks guys.

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Re: V-Beam laser provider in Southern California

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I am not sure if you are still looking for a provider. My office is located in Redondo Beach. You will need to come in for a consultation. The V-beam laser can help with the redness. But you will also need to get the acne and inflammation under control as well.  For example, the acne laser peel is a new way to fight acne. It gives predictable and consistent results. This laser reduces sebum to minimize future outbreaks. 

We also have effective treatments to help patients improve the appearance of acne scars (see video below). 

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