Can I remove my drain? (Photo)

I am draining less than 25cc in a 24 hour span. The output sometimes is clear and then it changes to darker liquid. I've already removed one drain that was clear and under 25cc the one remaining still drains well under 25cc but it's inconsistent.

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Removing Your Drain Should be Done by Your Plastic Surgeon

It is best that your plastic surgeon makes the decision as to when your #drain should be removed. She or he should also be the one to remove if unless they suggest otherwise. At any time, you have any concern about your #healing progress and #recovery, it is recommended contacting your surgeon so she or he, or, their medical staff can make suggestions based on your surgery and medical records. 

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Removing drain

Hi, vmarinar

This question should be directed to your plastic surgeon.  Your plastic surgeon will want to know the drain output trend and may want to examine you prior to removing the drain. You should have an open communication with your plastic surgeon; please let him/her know of your concern/progress.

Good luck with your recovery.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Removing a drain at home after tummy tuck

    Your drain should only be removed by your doctor in the office at a time that is considered right with the proper fluid numbers.  You have a doctor-patient relationship that should not allow the pressure for this decision to be made by you.

  I am trying to figure out why you have this responsibility and the only way it makes any sense is if you had your procedure offshore.  Hence, the difficulties when you return.  If this is the case, go to a board certified plastic surgeon and establish at least a contact that will allow you to be followed more closely than you obviously are at this time.

  The standard of care in the USA does NOT allow for a patient to make such an important decision to physically remove drains after body contouring procedures.  



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Drain removal

Only your surgeon can decide the proper time to remove your drain.  Do not do this without your surgeon's knowledge and agreement. It is unusual for it to be removed at home, as it is typically done in the office.

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Remove my drain?

Why are you even considering removing your own drain?  This is highly unusual and not recommended.  How do you know you have removed the whole drain? do you know what to do if the drain breaks or is not as easy to remove and infant kinked?  Please see you surgeon and have him or her remove the drain.  Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Removing drain

The removal of a drain should be done by your surgeon or his staff under his instructions.  Please be careful and consult with your surgeon.

N. Bill Aydin, MD
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Can I remove my drain?

The removal of drains is a decision your Plastic surgeon should be making after examining you at a follow up appointment and reviewing your drainage results from the past several days.  Follow up visits are essential for favorable results.  Good luck.

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Drain removal should really be reserved for a clinical person on the team that provided your surgery for you.  It can be harmful or dangerous for someone who is not clinically trained to do so.  Is there a compelling reason why you are not going back to your surgeon's office to have a drain removed?  Is this office asking you or someone outside his/her office to do so?  I would be very cautious about this recommendation.

Tito Vasquez, MD, FACS
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Removing drains after surgery

Thank you for asking about your drain.

Your surgeon should remove your drain for you. If you are in an unusual situation and cannot see your surgeon, follow your own surgeon's directions on what to do. Although you are draining little, it is still bloody and your surgeon might want you to wait.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Can I remove my drain?

This is a question for your plastic surgeon as we all do things a little differently. I remove drains after a tummy tuck when the output is

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