What is the recommended length of stay in a recovery house in DR after surgery for post op visits and before getting on a plane?

I would like to know the length of recommended stay in DR after a TT w/ lipo and BBl. I will be traveling alone and was wondering if I should stay 10 days or 2 weeks post operation. Are there any specific guide lines or recommendations to follow regarding traveling home when flying alone? How do you remain comfortable in flight after a tt and bbl... this would be helpful information.

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TT and BBL

I only perform this combination, if the patient show me the ticket that says it will stay at least 17 days in DR, NOT NEGOTIABLE. This is the minimum time that will guarantee a proper post operative care. 2 days before the surgery and 14 days after. If there is any complication, I will not have enough time to treat you properly in 10 days, and your safety should never be something that we can gamble with. the post operative care should be discussed with your surgeon, because every surgeon has a different way to do things.

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