BCC Removed Via Mohs 4-12 Years Ago. New Growth on Scar, Should I Be Worried?

In 2007 a nodular BCC removed from my cheek. Although I had twice yearly skin checks, it was overlooked by my derm and required my Mohs surgeon to do 3 removals. Since then, I had a suspicious growth removed at one end of the Mohs scar - the growth was benign. Recently I noticed another growth at the opposite end of the scar. It has a small depression and when pressed, feels hard like a bump. Although the chances of recurrence are slim and I know this needs to be evaluated ASAP, input is appreciated.

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Recurrent Basal Cell Carcinoma

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The cure rate for ski cancer treated by Mohs surgery is over 99%, bot not 100%. No matter how skilled your Mohs surgeon, all of us see recurrences every now and then. Usually, these recurrences occur immediately adjacent or even within the scar of the initial Mohs surgery. Also, once you get one ski cancer your chance of getting another one goes up. I therefore always recommend my patients get regular skin exams after they have had a skin cancer. In your case, I would definitely have your new spot evaluated and potentially biopsied to make sure your cancer has not come back. 

Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

Recurrent BCC?

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I'm very happy that you continue to go in for regular follow-ups and clearly watch your skin for any changes. Though it is more rare, BCCs and SCCs can be recurrent. So, like you have said, it's best to go into your dermatologist or Mohs surgeon and have it looked at and evaluated, and biopsied if needed.

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