Suggestions for Treatment of Lymphodema 9wks PO FTT?

9 wks PO FTT & breast lift/enhancements. I wore my garment religiously, didnt stray from health,exercise etc & now tummy is hugely swollen from navel down to incision line&pubic area, surgeon advised its probably lymphodema as tummy is hard as well. He suggests compression garment & massage. Few RMT's in area offer lymphatic massage. I am taking bromelain/turmeric twice a day (1200/600mg) & now wearing dreadful garment again. Is there anything I can do further? It's rather depressing. Thank you

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Suggestions for Treatment of Lymphoedema

Unfortunately only one of these photos is in focus and it is so close up it is hard to get oriented. Is you surgeon quite certain that there is no fluid collection (seroma) which is a not uncommon cause of this problem. 

Lymphoedema is  not rare, but fortunately is usually self limited in TT patients, and typicall resolves in 3-12 months, usually toward the lower end of this spectrum. Compression and lymphatic massage are useful.

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Swelling after tummy tuck

This is a very common problem. I often recommend Spanx garments to my patients and they are very accepting of them. They are not as heavy as formal compression garments. The problem is self limited and will resolve with time.


You can find them online.

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9 Weeks after Tummy Tuck and Swollen Abdomen

    In the absence of fluid collection, the swelling should resolve with more time.  Make sure that nutrition is adequate as low protein and low albumin can impair this transition.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Fullness in Lower Abdomen After Tummy Tuck

The most important thing to rule out at this point is that you do not have a post-operative fluid collection or seroma.  I would double check this with an exam by my surgeon and/or ultrasound or CT scan of the area.  If there is no fluid collection, then time will cure this as your lymphatic system regenerates.  Unfortunately this can be a slow process that takes a few months.  Good luck.

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