New Veins Coming out Every After Treatment, is That Normal?

I started treating my varicose veins for almost a year now. Every month i have to go back to my doctor for follow up check-ups and additional treatment. But every after treatment, i noticed that new veins are starting to come out and bulge. Is that normal? Is it possible that normal veins be damaged after the treatment?

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Not normal.

If you have varicose veins and especially if you have recurrent veins, then you should have a full venous evaluation with a venous reflux ultrasound to see if you have venous valves which do not work.  Think of your veins like a tree with the saphenous system being the trunk.  The trunk contains tiny valves which can malfunction (reflux) and this will lead to the formation of the varicose veins (branches).  Unless the trunk is treated, the branches will never hea.  lIf you have reflux then this should be sealed with a laser or radio frequency before treating the varicose veins.

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Venous Insufficiency

You should be evaluated for venous insufficiency by a vein specialist who has added certification from the American Board of Venous Insufficiency. 

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